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©2009 Clay Henss

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©2009 Carrie Best

Above is some incredibly cool artwork from an incredibly cool girl. It may have escaped your keen attention (then again...) that I reduced the size of this artwork down so that it didn't compete TOO too much with our girl, Gentian, to the left. Carrie is an incredibly talented artist. Click the artwork above to check out her deviant art page. Send her virtual love and real money for some cool commissions. I love this girl and I love her work. My time spent in the presence of both is incredibly f**'n cool.

Are you still actually READING this meandering diatribe? Your loss. So what has your host and creative guide been up to? Well, I'm working on the biggest, most outrageous comic book project that has ever been conceived. The unholy alliance of the H-Boyz (Blake and Clay Hatrison) and Malignant Strain will soon be unleashed upon the world.

two stoners on the couch

Here's something that's just simply true: A comic needs to be printed onto pressed wood pulp if it's at all possible. Now please don't get me wrong - there is more talent out there in the virtual wading pool of the internet than I can properly express. Perhaps it's a purely generational opinion too. My first exposure to the sick, twisted and wonderful world of underground comix came when I saw the demented drawings from my oldest brother. Since then, my path has been assigned.

I was lucky enough to be a kid during the independent small press boom of the late eighties. That was a wonderful time for comics! There was no stigma of black-and-white comics. Back then, it was a perfect accident. Some of the most talented storytellers and artists I've ever seen put out these incredible, black-and-white masterpieces. As a teenager, genre fare was visceral. Horror movies pushed the envelope. Comic books and other forms of fiction followed the same trend. There was an exciting DIY attitude, which led to some fantastic projects.

Folks, this project involves so many different prongs of the coolness pentagram, that finding the words to properly express this epic coolness...well they escape me. Imagine the purest, most honest rock-n-roll blasting from the most septic bowels of the heartland. Then add to that the brain probing, soul shock that is Malignant Strain. These two mighty forces are about to coalescence into the most frighteningly funny and action packed printed comic that you've ever witnessed!

I know the glass-is-half-full (of pus) question you direct at me as a white hot mind bullet. You're wondering "But Clay, what if you and your brother (the blood drenched dude to the left and co-creator of the H band) are a doomed duo of dips***s who can't accomplish this task of getting published during the second great depression?"

One thing you can be certain of, dear viewers, is that as long as warm java pumps through these various biological conduits, Malignant Strain will be here to entertain. We deserve to get some gawd damn cash for our hard work. Soon you will be directed to pay us f***ing folding cash. So HELP me, you will obey.

Until next time, sickos, perverts and bio organisms. Until next time...


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