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Many of the facts surrounding prototype No. 427 are merely rumor or conjecture. Police reports surrounding the events of late October are widely inconsistent. Eye witness reports are equally inaccurate.

The month-long explosion of violence began with the destruction of several buildings in the local area. Eye witnesses at separate scenes reported seeing a tall, red-haired woman.

Stories of "Gentian" can be heard among friends in coffee shops, local bars, bus stops - anywhere people congregate. She has become the basis for urban folklore that ranges from interesting to just plain ludicrous.

She is considered the boogey-woman of the criminal world. A local tattoo shop claims to have had her as a client. Other stories martyr her as a vigilante savior. The most entertaining tales claim that she isn't even human.

Jesse Fowler, a local homeless man points blame at local Bioengineering Facility, LapoTec.

"Dem fuggers MADE her!" Jesse proclaimed. "LapoTec been cloning peoples for years and make'n 'em all MEAN fer Uncle Sam to use as SOLDIERS!"

It should be noted that Mr. Fowler also claims to be an alien hybrid and direct descendent of Jesus Christ.