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Barney spent the majority of his youth misunderstood by adults and teased by his peers. Classified as a genius at the age of twelve, Barney never felt like he fit in.

Introverted and shy, Barney found his calling in the world of science. At the age of twenty-one he became one of the leading bio-technologists in the country.

His advances is xeno-transplantation and organ growth led to a job offer from the LapoTec, LLC. The pharmaceutical and medical research company was best known for its controversial stance on human cloning and experimentation using fetal tissue.

Barney kept out of the public eye, living and working non stop at the LapoTec building on projects he wouldn't discuss even with members of his family.

During lunch at his favorite deli, the owner asked Barney:
"So what're you guys doing up there at LapoTec anyway?"

With his usual dry tone, Barney simply replied "We're making monsters."

He then paid for his sandwich with a $100 bill and walked out without asking for change. The owner of the restaurant claimed that was the last time Barney ever visited his establishment.