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©2001-2002 Clay A. Henss

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Clay Henss came into being in the filthy slums of the Midwest. Born into a life of plenitude and love, Clay managed to pass up multiple opportunities for happiness, choosing instead a life of squalor and degradation as a "cartoonist".

Ignoring the advice of his late father, Clay bankrupted his parents while attending the Savnnah College of Art and Design. After earning a degree in Commercial Illustration, Clay went on to further humiliate his family by remaining penniless with a series of demeaning, soul-leeching dead end jobs.

Residing in seething ghetto known as "Atlanta, Georgia", Clay maintains a meager living running the design firm Graphic Artists, Inc. He also works tirelessly on projects that generate neither revenue or a wider fan base

While restrained and heavily sedated in a local mental health facility, Clay Henss had this to say:

"Musicians get laid ALL the time, while cartoonists remain unloved and horny. How is THAT fair!? AAAAAHHH get these spiders off of me. They're laying eggs in my Gawd Damn hair. AAAAAUUUURRGGGGHHHH!!!"