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Having served in the armed forced alongside such notable (and controversial) people as E.J. Gamble, Ronald Dowell became the unlikely president of LapoTec, LLC in the late nineties. His head for military strategy translated into a strong business ethic that saved the company from financial disaster.

Dowell's military background led many conspiracy theorists to question his role at LapoTec. The company had been accused of everything from heartless experimentation on animals to human cloning for years. Many of the stories surrounding the mysterious company are simply dismissed as rumor.

Those who Ron knows personally describe him as a gentle and pensive man. His life is one of personal tragedy. In his mid twenties, Dowell lost his daughter and only child to leukemia. Several months later his wife committed suicide. Ronald never remarried.

In one of the few interviews conducted with the man, he had this to say:

"For years, people have accused my company of doing things the wrong way. They say we're breaking laws and that we're morally bankrupt. I've dedicated my whole life to helping people, and my role at LapoTec is part of that same goal. Our research is helping to end diseases like the one that took my daughter. If you think I'm really a bad guy, then you don't know anything about me."