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©2001-2002 Clay A. Henss

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©2003 Clay A. Henss
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E.J. Gamble was born into violence As a child, he was abused relentlessly by his father. The scar over E.J.'s right eye was inflicted during one of his father's drunken fits of rage. The boy's father was shot several years later. No suspects were found.

E.J. Enlisted in the Armed Forces at the age of eighteen and was quickly awarded multiple medals of honor. An incident during the Iraq Conflict led to an honorable discharge. A physical examination determined that E.J. was stricken with a small, possibly malignant brain tumor. E.J. refused treatment and allegedly moved back to his home state of South Carolina.

The years that followed are shrouded in urban folklore. Many in the criminal underworld claim that E.J. is one of the deadliest and most feared hired killers in the United States.

One of the most notable of these stories surrounded the novel "Hitmen - An Examination of the American Contract Killer" by author Francis O'Brian. O'Brian suggested that E.J. was an undiagnosed schizophrenic who was sexually abused by the father that he later murdered. The novel also suggested that E.J. was a closet homosexual, linking him to numerous hate murders around the midtown area.

Several months after the release of the book, Mr. O'Brian was found executed in his Manhattan home. No suspects were arrested.