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©2001-2002 Clay A. Henss

Here are some of the awesome sites supported by the all powerful Malignant Strain! If you would like to trade links, E-mail me. If you would like to feature Malignant Strain on your own website, feel free to grab a banner from Above. Hotlink it and I show up at your front door, drunk as a skunk and ready for sweet love with your family pet!

Paul has a wicked sense of humor as well as some fantastic web design skills.
See both demonstrated here!

Another fantastic comic with some nifty site design.

Electronic Universe
Online cartoonists always need a good source to network from. Well, this is it.
E.U. features some of the most talented online cartoonists out there!

Digital Webbing
Another fantastic site for online cartoonists. They update the site
on a regular basis too. How novel.

An old college buddy of mine (well, he's not THAT old) Mark Jackson is part of
the creative team responsible for this animated sci-fi feature. It's shaping up to
be something really memorable. You'll need a fast connection, though.

One of my favorite bands. I've been sending these guys artwork since high school!
You've got to admire these guys (well, either admire or pick).

Rabid Badger Studios
James Rowe has been applying his sick, artistic skills for everyone from
the Misfits to Static-X and Kitti. He's as cool as he is talented.

I know I these guys need MY help to drive traffic to their site. I also
realize that I'm one of about a zillion Tool fans. I don't care...they ROCK, man.