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©2001-2002 Clay A. Henss

Claytanic here for another insane update to the serum injected directly into your ethereal center. That's right ladies (yeah right) and gentlemen, it's once again time for...

The mentally dislodged duo are back for another violation of your sensory perception. Blake and Clay Hatrison are all set to explode like an 18-year-old's premature and initial love nut of the day. WARNING!!!! The H-Boys are not for the faint of heart, the easily offended or anyone with decency. But if you're down with the true punk rock mantra of not giving a ppphhuuuuck, then dig in Addicts! Click HERE or click the image above, dang nabbit!

Whatcha think? Pretty cool huh? I like them therefore your eyeballs register the sketch above. I'm in a surprisingly mute mood while I'm posting this. Oh yeah...

DRAGONCON 2007 you crazies, freaks and ultra super dark mojo denizens of the Geek-iverse! It's coming up in less than a week. It's finally here!

I haven't forgotten the novel. It's taking a nap so as not to drain me so utterly. Yeah, I'm fulla the poo poo. I'm going to totally rewrite Chapter 2, but leave it here as a valuable chain in my own creative evolution. Kee-rist what a bunch of crap.

Click HERE for the first Chapter and Click HERE for the second installment!